Went to the Greek island Kos for a day yesterday it was amazeeeee

Anonymous asked: Where are u on holidays ? xx

Bodrum, turkey luvvvv it here omfg and just found out naomi campbell&kate fkn moss is here as well wanna go stalkin but kinda cbf bc i just wanna chill but idkkkk

Anonymous asked: What's your favorite makeup brand ? :)

I don’t wear makeup much but if i do i wear products of ysl, mac, the balm, nyc, maybelline and lancome :)

Currently reading this lovely book on the beach while waiting for pizza!!!!life iz gud my friendz

Anonymous asked: what's your kind/style of man ?

The polite and understanding kind :) i don’t really have a type other than that

Anonymous asked: what's your favorite food ever ? x

Ceaser salad or chicken with curry yuuuummmmmmm

Dress from house of holland, stradivarius hat and h&m black flat shoes that are not pictured

this is from yesterday I’m back on holiday which is amazing yayy lovin life woo


Anonymous asked: Hi! Where are some good aces to buys pantsuits like Lordes?

Hmmm topshop, asos, zara, ebay?x

Anonymous asked: what kind of fashion stuff? like outfit ideas or sketches orr? sorry for being nosey :)

Outfit ideas in sketches wishlists anything really :)

Anonymous asked: do you mind me asking what you write down in your journals? like fashion-ish stuff like inspiration and such? or is it more like a personal diary?

I write poems and stuff like that in one and have sketches and fashion stuff in another one :)