Anonymous asked: do you mind me asking what you write down in your journals? like fashion-ish stuff like inspiration and such? or is it more like a personal diary?

I write poems and stuff like that in one and have sketches and fashion stuff in another one :)

Whistles tee zara skirt and docs :)


Lust List!!
1.Maxi Cardigan: I’ve been searching for the perf one for ages and will definitely but it in a few colours for fall

2.Comme Des Garçons Jumper: I love anything and everything CDG and this jumper is just too cute

3.Calvin Klein Set: so comfyyyy

4. Casio Gold Watch: Love these
watches they’re just timeless

5.Topshop Mom Jeans: Mom jeans are a must for me and need some dark wash ones

6.Leather Tote: A big bag for uni is much needed and this one would do the job v well

7. New Purse: My current purse is too small my ID won’t fit in so a new one would be g8

8.Tattoo Choker: Major throwback and lovin it

9.Adidas Superstar Trainers: Used to have these in middle school and prob one of the v few ok fashion choices I made during that time

10.Diptyque Candle: They are amazeee why so expensive though i cry

11. A Nice Journal: Bc I constantly am writing down something and go though journals like water

12. Beigey Brown Ankle Boots: I have about 15 boots and they’re all black so that’d be a nice change

Anonymous asked: Where do you get all that money ? Xx

Why does it matter to you babe

Anonymous asked: What's your new tattoo ? Love u Jenna, such a cutie you are! xx

Coordinates of home :) love u more!!

1 day ago on July 20, 2014 at 01:40pm

Anonymous asked: What do you study lovely ? xx

Will be studying advertising management and digital communications or interior design I’ll decide in a few weeks :)

Anonymous asked: Where do you live Jenna ?

Currently in istanbul beb but will be moving to london maybe I’m unsure if I want to any longer though:(

1 day ago on July 20, 2014 at 01:37pm

Yesterdaiii zara top and skirt, nike airforce 1s and bought something cute from topshop got a new tatt and forgot my topshop bag in my friends tattoo place fml now I have to go and get it


Tiffanys necklace, zara top&skirt💕