Hello cuties sorry for the lack of posts i’ll be doing all of your requests i haven’t forgotten!! Nike af1 outfits, post about my tattoos, fav books pics of my zara boots and my fav beauty products!! Im just quite stressed out about uni and life but i’ll do those!! Pinky promise xx

Anonymous asked: Do you distress all of your jeans yourself? Could you do like a "tutorial" or tips or whatever, mine always turn out so extremely failed when I do it haha.

noop they’re usually ripped when i buy them i have too many ripped jeans lol here are some vids to help you out x x !!!

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I’m quite ill and was freezing with a fkn coat on the weather is so shitty can it go back to being slightly chilly plz

Zara coat&leggings, str top and office boots xx


Mum offered to buy me new jeans today after seeing me wear these thanks mum



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Anonymous asked: can you please make more sets or ootds feat the nike air force?? just bought a pair but not much outfit ideas are coming into my head and your style is just everything!

You are everythiiiing ofc cutie pie i’ll do that tomorrow or monday bc i don’t have lectures fk yes

Anonymous asked: your pictures are so pretty

So are you darling


Autumn has my heart forever🍂🍃